Services & FAQ
Horizon Contractors understands the complex sequence in designing and completing custom remodeling projects. This may be the first major renovation project you have worked on and you may have some questions.

Our in-house crews have many years of experience working around the complexities of remodeling in Manhattan and will be able to complete the project in a professional and timely manner. You will have a project supervisor to work with you throughout the project to ensure that it is on track and all the details are supervised to expedite the project to a completion. 

It is important to know that when a project is designed and the plans are put into action, there is a sequence and a structure in place, dictating the progress step by step. We will have required material on the project site for the particular trade and coordinate with the sub-contractors ahead of time so there are no delays in flow of the project.  Change orders are part of the project that no one likes.  They may arise because of site condition or a design change.  Some delay the project more than others and most of them add additional expense and alter the efficiency of the operation.