Services & FAQ
Horizon Contractors understands the complex sequence in designing and completing custom remodeling projects. This may be the first major renovation project you have worked on and you may have some questions.

Do I need to hire an Architect?
Generally, every major renovation project will require an architect. The building owner or management company can confirm this before a contract is signed. An architect will reflect the scope of the project in a detailed set of drawings and specifications. Your architect should also be responsible for filing the plans with the Department of Buildings and assure that the work will be in compliance with Building Codes. Horizon Contractors will obtain the Work Permit.

Some minor bathroom or kitchen remodeling projects limited to painting, non-structural wall relocation or floor refinishing may not require the involvement of an architect. In such cases, if permits are required, Horizon Contractors can contract with expediters to assist with the proper filings with the Department of Buildings.