Services & FAQ
Horizon Contractors understands the complex sequence in designing and completing custom remodeling projects. This may be the first major renovation project you have worked on and you may have some questions.

What do I need to buy?
Horizon Contractors will supply all rough materials and removal of all construction debris in accordance with the building and city regulation. Additionally, it is a necessity that Horizon Contractors coordinate the purchase of finish materials, fixtures and appliances for a small fee.  It is imperative for Horizon Contractors to have full control of deliveries to the job site to inspect the condition of what is being delivered and protecting them while stored on the job site.  The client’s liability for problems with these fixtures is limited as Horizon Contractors will be responsible.  Should the client decide to supply some of the finish material, delivery must be to the project site/floor and it is the responsibility of the client to inspect the item prior to our installation.  In case of manufacturer defect, Horizon Contractors will not be responsible for replacing that item and may charge for removal and installation.