"Arlen from Horizon contractors took on a major project of not only gutting and rebuilding our townhouse in the eastside of Manhattan, but adding two floors and digging out a basement. The townhouse was build in 1899. Arlen was instrumental in finding solutions for structural and plumbing issues that arose after the walls were opened. His crew and contractors were polite and true professionals. It was a difficult project and it turned out superb. However, the thing I appreciate the most is the attention we received after completion and after all monies were paid. Arlen came back on numerous occasions to make corrections and did so in a prompt professional manner. Even though the project was completed several years ago, Arlen has always been available to take calls and help secure service people to came out to do repairs or maintenance. Without a doubt I would use him again and do recommend him without any reservation."
- Allan M Goldstein
"I have worked with Arlen and Horizon Contractors on two separate single family townhouse construction projects in NYC over the last four years.  Their management of the job from start to finish, including high end finishing work was very impressive.  I would recommend Arlen and his team to my friends and family!"
- Teddy
"I unhesitatingly recommend Arlen and his team to undertake any construction projects as I have found his work quality and integrity exceptional.  I have worked with Arlen in two major and extensive residential renovation projects in New York City.

Specifically, my first renovation involved the conversion of a derelict and neglected multi-unit brownstone to a single residence for my family. A key challenge we faced was that we were limited to a 90-day window for the work with very limited resources.  As such, we needed to find a "one stop project leader" and in Arlen we found someone who was able to provide both the construction management and design services needed for the project.  Arlen quickly provided a detailed project plan (almost day by day) and an interior design that met our needs.  He more imporantly, worked with us in defining the "must have" and "nice to have" elements in order to fit the project within our budget.  As the project proceeded and surprises came up (as they do in 100 year old buildings), Arlen constantly modified the project within the design, timing and expense parameters. The project ended on time and within our budget and more importantly, it exceeded my family's expectations.

The second renovation project was approximately eight years later involving the same brownstone residence, as we were finally in a position to undertake a project we had been contemplating for years.  For this project we engaged an architect for the design and Arlen as the General Contractor.  Arlen successfully collaborated with the architect to refine the designs and helped educate us in making the trade-offs needed to balance the design, construction, and cost elements to assure a successful project.  The project comprised of extensive interior, exterior and backyard elements in the context of tight quarters and difficult conditions posed by the urban (NYC) residential project.  Once again, Arlen and his team delivered!"
- Ernie Berger
"It was a pleasure working with Arlen. He completed our job under challenging circumstances with out any delays. His work was excellent and his prices were very reasonable. We look forward to working with Arlen again and have referred him to friends."
- Landon Slane
"It’s quite a coincidence that Arlen asked me to write this testimonial because a week never passes that I don’t look at our wonderful and superbly designed and built apartment that I don’t think of Arlen Haruthunian.

I appreciate how well his work has held up over these past 5 years and my wife and I are really pleased.  Every single detail of our apartment was done to the highest standards and that’s the only way Arlen does things. Everything was done exceptionally well and I won’t mention every fabulous detail, because I don’t really have the space.

When my wife and I were looking at co-ops in Brooklyn Heights, we knew we wouldn’t commit to purchase until Arlen took a look at the apartment for us.  We wanted to be sure that the apartment was something Arlen could “work with”.  Once he approved, we made our purchase. We knew Arlen and his work from a renovation he had done years before in Manhattan so there was never any doubt that he would do our renovation in our new Brooklyn home.

For those of  you who haven’t dealt with an old fashioned co-op Board when planning gut renovation there is no preparation for the frustration you will face. This is when it became handy to have a general contractor who is very knowledgeable about architecture. We began the process of getting Board approval and Arlen instilled confidence in our co-op Board because his plans were very well executed and all specifics were clearly spelled out.  He knew how to work with the existing beams and riser, rather than fighting with them.  Arlen designed a wonderful space for us. A door to a hallway became the entrance to our bedroom suite. Our Board had never had an application for the installation on central air conditioning in our 1924 building, but Arlen showed them how it would work and wok well it does.

I love working with Arlen. He took us through the process, helped us select the finest cost effective materials and had some great ideas which we incorporated into the work. Arlen’s crew were neat, clean and courteous, they wore street clothes upon entering and leaving the building every day.  Our building had hours limiting the construction work day and Arlen never violated our house rules. Once our managing agent saw the quality of Arlen’s work, he stopped checking in on our job, other than just to visit.

Our job came out perfectly and has held up these past five years which is the highest praise I can give to a renovation, and to my friend Arlen."
- Ray Raskin
"The project was to combine two apartments in lower Manhattan after gutting them and to create a spacey family home from it.  Arlen from Horizon Contractors - through his unique double qualification of contractor/architect - was able to move the project smoothly from planning into realization without any disruptions.  Additionally, throughout construction Arlen maintained a close cooperation with the Architectural firm.  Project issues were therefore quickly resolved between them, mostly without me noticing.

After living in the apartment for over 5 years I can confirm my earlier impression that Horizon maintaines a very high quality standard in all aspects of their craftmanship - no quality issues have arisen.  We recently sold the apartment to a very detail oriented, discriminating buyer.  The quality of the renovation over five years earlier was a significant positive during the sales process.  We ended up realizing a substantial capital gain.  I would personally thank Arlen for his contribution to this success.

Arlen's quality orientation and professional work style was also very visible in the way he communicated and followed-up on my requests, even long after the project was complete.  Without hesitation I would use Arlen again for any more complex project and recommend him without reservation."
- Henrik von Siemens
"Arlen always has a smile on his face. Arlen loves what he does & takes pride in his work. Arlen is very easy to talk to. How many people are friendly with their contractor 9 years after they did the project???"
- Erica Hirsch
"I own a loft in Gramercy Park in Manhattan.  Horizon Contractors completely gutted, designed and renovated our space.  We were first time buyers and renovators and we couldn't have been in better hands with this project.  From our initial meeting to discuss budget and timing to the final finishing touches, our experience was seamless.  I've heard horror stories regarding contractors, and I feel very lucky that Horizon was our choice.  Communication was excellent throughout the process and I always felt confident in all the decisions and personnel involved.  The professionalism that was exhibitted with myself and Building Management was incredible, and I always had confidence that all tasks were performed to the highest standards.

On a final note, our loft has been photographed for magazines and it's exactly what I dreamed it would be, but better based on certain nuances that Horizon suggested.  I highly recommend Arlen and the Horizon team for any home improvement project you may have."
- Renee Powell
"When we bought the apartment next door to ours, Horizon Contractors gut-renovated the two for us, start to finish. Besides carefully following our architect's  plan to completely reconfigure the joined space for us, Arlen also made terrific suggestions along the way.  As a result, we ended up with some great late design work and extremely useful closet spaces (a godsend in Manhattan!).  We parted ways with our architect during the construction phase, so Arlen worked with us closely.  We lived on another floor in the building during the process and were fairly compulsive about how we wanted everything done, and it was a pleasure working with Arlen.  He's a problem solver and a positive person, so a delight to work with on the job.  He follows through and cares about the work he does.  We love our apartment!  Thank you Arlen!"
- Sarah O'Neill
"The original renovation was 15 years ago, and all of the work you put in was excellent...unfailingly excellent.  Arlen, you did a beautiful job.  You came in just under budget, finished the job within your anticipated schedule.  And indeed, we have remained good friends.  That's not always the case.

I have heard so many horror stories over the years from friends whose situations were difiicult, disastrous , or worse.

I think it's the very nature of the job that each project will have disappointments and missteps...one never knows what one is going to find when checking the plumbing, opening a wall, testing the wiring, etc.

Whatever problems you encountered in 1997 (this is after all, a 1928 building!), you handled smoothly, competently and effectivley.  As a result, we ended up with a beautiful apartment.  Which we truly love!  The judgements you made were pretty much right on the nose.  And your advice was excellent.

In short, you took what could have been a nightmarish chapter in our lives (as it had been for so many) and turned it into a very positive experience with a happy ending.

Your patience, your resourcefulness and above all your unfailing sense of responsibility were what made this project viable.  I would not hesitate to recommend you unconditionally to anyone considering a construction project.

Let me take it one step further: if anyone who you've spoken to who would like some factual background of the kind of work you did for us (much of it, very ambitious and challenging!) please fell free to pass along my phone number.  I would be delighted to talk with them and tell them that you are absolutely first rate."
- Richard Brown